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End of 2023 Undergraduate Summer Research in Neuroscience Program at NYU Langone

This past summer (June-August 2023) I had the opportunity to mentor Divya Gottiparthy, undergraduate student at Birghamton University selected for the extremely competitive undergraduate summer research training in neuroscience program to perform neuroscience research at the NYU Langone Neuroscience Institute. She did a really great job during her internship, culminating with sharing her summer research project during the Lin lab meeting!

After 10-weeks of immersion in neuroscience research, skill and career development over the summer, we are saying goodbye to Divya and her fellow cohort of summer students from the program. We hope that they were able to strengthen their research, communication and technical skills and had fun performing research in their assigned labs!

On their last day, I had the pleasure of hosting an abstract peer-editing workshop on how to provide and receiving constructive feedback on writing assignments. The summer students could go over the research abstracts they wrote about their summer projects and peer-review their work. This event was followed by a fun pizza and ice cream farewell celebration for all summer students and their mentors.

Picture with Divya at the summer program Farewell Celebration.

2023 Undergraduate Summer Research Training in Neuroscience Cohort at the Farewell Celebration.

Summer students hard at work at the abstract peer-editing workshop going over each other's abstracts.

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