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Paper on the neural dynamics of male aggression and mating published in Neuron

I am thrilled to share that our article on the neuronal activity and functional connectivity of the extended social behavior network during social behaviors in male mice is now published and available online in Neuron!

This research has been led by Zhichao Guo, an extremely talented visiting graduate student in Dr. Dayu Lin's lab, who I had the pleasure to work and collaborate with for several years. Zhichao recorded the neuronal activity of ESR1+ cells in 13 distinct brain regions during male sexual behaviors and fighting. We observed differences in the neuronal responses and temporal dynamics across brain regions during these behaviors. Based on these results, we propose a mating-biased network comprised of the medial preoptic nucleus (MPN), posteromedial portion of the bed nucleus of stria terminalis (BNSTpm), posterior amygdala (PA) and anterior medial amygdala (MeAa), and an aggression-biased network comprised of the anterior (AHN), dorsomedial (DMH) and ventrolateral portion of the ventromedial hypothalamus (VMHvl), ventral pre-mammillary nucleus (PMv), posterodorsal medial amygdala (MeApd), and lateral periaqueductal gray (lPAG).

It has been an honor to be part of this work!

Find the link here:

Find the pre-print version here:

If you need access to the article please send me an email.

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