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VMHvllCckar Cells Dynamically Control Female Sexual Behaviors over Reproductive Cycle.

Yin, L., Hashikawa, K., Hashikawa, Y., Osakada, T., Lischinsky, J.E., Diaz, V., Lin, D. Neuron, 2022

Neural mechanisms of aggression across species.

Lischinsky, J.E. & Lin, D. Nature Neuroscience, 2020 

A genetically encoded fluorescent sensor for rapid and specific in vivo detection of norepinephrine.

Feng, J., Zhang, C., Lischinsky, J.E., Jing, M., Zhou, J., Wang, H., Zhang, Y., Dong, A., Wu, Z., Wu, H., Chen, W., Zhang, P., Zou, J., Hires, A., Zhu, J., Cui, G., Lin, D., Du, J., Li, Y., Neuron, 2019


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 The neuronal mechanisms of sexually dimorphic aggressive behaviors.

Hashikawa, K., Hashikawa, Y., Lischinsky, J., Lin, D., Trends in Genetics, 2018

Embryonic transcription factor expression predicts medial amygdala neuronal identity and sex-specific responses to innate behavioral cues.

Lischinsky, J.E., Sokolowski, K., Peijun, L., Esumi, S., Kamal, Y., Oboti, L., Goodrich, M., Hammond, T.R., Krishnamoorthy, M., Feldman, D., Huntsman, M., Liu, J., Corbin, J.G., eLife, 2017

Molecular and behavioral profiling of Dbx1-derived neurons in the arcuate, lateral and ventromedial hypothalamic nuclei.

Sokolowski, K., Tran T., Esumi, S., Kamal, Y., Oboti, L., Lischinsky, J.E., Goodrich, M., Lam A., Carter M., Corbin, J.G., Neural Development, 2016

Preliminary Findings Show Maternal Hypothyroidism May Contribute to Abnormal Cortical Morphology in Offspring.

Lischinsky, J.E., Skocic, J., Clairman, H., Rovet, J., Frontiers in Endocrinology, 2016

Do Children with Congenital Hypothyroidism Exhibit Abnormal Cortical Morphology?

Clairman, H., Skocic, J., Lischinsky, J.E., Rovet, J., Pediatric Research, 2015

 Looming Danger: Unraveling the Circuitry for Predator Threats.

Lischinsky, J.E. & Lin, D., Trends in Neuroscience, 2019

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